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Full observance of HSE's policies.

Continuous improvement of services quality and efficiency promotion by using expert employee and new technologies.

Customer satisfaction by perform the commitments and responsibilities.

Act in the framework of the shareholder's policies, to get their expectation through profitability.

Improvement the local and presence in international markets.


PEDEX's activities are concentrated into three main areas.

Exploration Services:

PEDEX is organized as a "total solutions" provider. As such it priorities exploration as the first in any drilling venture. These services include :

Geology : including Subsurface, Surface, and Geophysics

Seismic : including data Acquisition, Data Processing, Data Interpretation and Reservoir Engineering.

Drilling Operation & Technical Services:

PEDEX was the first private company in Iran granted oil and gas drilling licenses.

It has pushed prevailing industry standards forward.

PEDEX is dedicated to maintaining these standard of excellence, and on-time delivery.

It's services include :

Casing Running, Cementing, Logging, Mud Engineering, Coring, Fishing, Slick Line,

Coil tubing, Acidzing & Nitrogen Lifting, Directional Drilling, Completion,

Well testing

Procurement & Logistics:

Being based in Iran, PEDEX enjoys the advantage of being on hand to provide clients with ready access to the logistic and procurement support they require.


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